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Call for Papers for an International Conference on Well-being and Education

Well-being in education: a topic of research for the Humanities and the Social Sciences

Well-being in education has been a growing area of research since the 1970s, and interest has intensified since 2000, with the increasing recognition that society and individuals will have to adapt to the profound social and economic changes of the digital age. There has been an increased focus on the idea of individual life-long-learning, but also a realization that the structure of education itself needs to change. Our belief is that there can be no ‘real’ education without physical and psychological security, and therefore well-being must be fully explored conceptually, and integrated into contemporary educational thinking and practice. This conference proposes to examine well-being in education under three themes:

Theme 1: Theoretical and practical approaches to well-being in education – this theme addresses the topic of life skills and the notion of empowerment

Theme 2: Promoting well-being through learning environments – this theme is concerned with the  physical and digital learning environments that support and enhance learner well-being  

Theme 3: School climate and communal life  – this theme examines learning as a social and co-operative endeavour

Contributors to any of these themes are invited to define and discuss well-being in the context of their own disciplines, and to explore its links with health, pedagogy, educational achievement, etc. Evaluations of well-being in education can be qualitative or quantitative, and can focus on action-research projects or other interventions aimed at promoting or enhancing the well-being of pupils, students and/or teachers.                 

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